Inner Club Tournament

We hold an Inner Club Tournament 5 times a year and it is free to all of our students.   This gives them the chance to compete in a friendly environment and learn the skills needed to compete in open tournaments and the real world.  Students participate in Forms, Point Sparring and Weapons Forms and compete for real trophies.   Our Black Belts are very dedicated in making this a fair and fun experience for the competitors and volunteer their time.  Although there is no charge for these events, there are costs for the association. 


If you find this a valuable experience and are able, please contribute to the tournament fund, this will help us continue to provide the trophies the students enjoy.

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Open Annual Tournament 

Our annual open tournament "Where Warriors Dare" will be held on March 4, 2017 .  It will include Open/Traditional Forms, Weapons and Point Sparring.  Grand Champion Trophy's are awarded to Weapons Forms,  Junior and Senior Gup Rank Forms, Black Belt Forms, Female and Male Black Belt Sparring.  

We are a member of the American Open Martial Arts association (AOMA), providing affordable insurance for our program and could for yours as well.  Check them out