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World Traveling Instructor - Master Nick Mull

Master Nick Mull began training with the AKT Schools in 1992 at the age of ten.  By the time he was 19, Master Mull obtained his 3rd Dan Black Belt.  After receiving his 3rd Dan in 2003, Master Mull was commissioned an officer in the Marine Corps and began his active duty career in 2004.  From 2004-present, Master Mull has studied many other disciplines of martial arts to supplement and reinforce his TKD foundations, including Tukong Moosul (South Korean Special Forces Martial Arts--a combat version of TKD), Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu-jutsu, Hapkido, and Judo.  Master Mull was promoted to 4th Dan Master Instructor in 2011.  He subsequently rewrote the Self-Defensive Tactics curriculum for the AKT Schools and was appointed as the Head of Self-Defensive Tactics.  Since 2012,  Master Mull has been stationed in Okinawa, Japan where he has continued his TKD training but has also begun his studies in Tokushin Kobudo in Okinawa, Japan (Okinawan weapons), receiving private instruction from the founder, Sensei Tokumura Kensho.  Master Mull instructed TKD to fellow service members and their families on base in Okinawa.