Black Belts

Our Black Belts have truly earned the right to wear a Black Belt by enduring years of training and a minimum of 32 hours of formal testings and even more informal.  Earning the Black Belt rank is a great accomplishment and becomes part of the person for the rest of their life, whether they continue to higher levels or not.  It takes as strong will and determination, and with it comes many rewards.

Why a Black Belt?. . .It is said that a student would receive only one belt, a white belt at the beginning of their training.  The student was instructed never to wash or clean the belt in any way.  After many years of blood, sweat and tears as well as dirt, the belt would eventually turn so dark it looked black.  Thus the darker the belt the higher the rank.

Today we represent that progression to black belt with different colors and levels called Gup ranks.  The different levels of Black Belt are represented by gold strips on the belt and the levels are called Dan or more popularly known as Degree.