The American and Korean Tae Kwon Do Schools
was founded in late 1970s by Grand Master Mel Roza.


The Master's Martial Arts Alliance was founded in the late 1980s by Professor Som Muk Ko, originally from Korea, moved to Chicago and was adviser to Master Mel Roza.  After the death of Professor Som Muk Ko the Master Martial Art Alliance was turned over to Grand Master Mel Roza and is active in the training and certification Black Belts. 

Grand Master Mel Roza turned over the American & Korean Tae Kwon Do Schools to Senior Master Ric Curp and after he achieved the rank of 7th Dan.  The association has been re-branded but still holds the original name as well as it's new name AKT Schools of Martial Arts, LLC.  More importantly we continue with the original the philosophy set by Grand Master Roza.

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