8th Dan Ric Curp has been a student of Grand Master Roza’s program since before it's founding in 1975.  He achieved his Black Belt at age 16 and became instructor of the Plymouth class at age 17.  He helped in the process of developing the training system that is used today.   Grand Master Roza appointed him Director of the program when he became a 3rd Dan Black Belt and has held that title ever since.  In 2011 Grand Master Roza turned the program over to Master Curp, but is still active as Adviser.   Starting his training at the age 12, the discipline and structure of Tae Kwon Do helped changed the course of his life for the better.  He is now dedicated in the pursuit of helping others that could benefit from this training system.  He has trained in many empty hand styles such as Judo and Aikido, as well as many types of weapon styles like Iaido, Arnis and is partial to the Japanese Sai.    "There is no best style of martial arts, there is only what works best for you."

- Master Ric Curp

Assistant Direct - Master Instructor Mike Vander Laan

Mike Vander Laan is an assistant instructor of the Plymouth class, now training at All Saints Catholic School in Canton.  Vander Laan started Taekwondo lessons with his son, Nick, in the summer of 2003 at the Plymouth Cultural Center.  While a student of Master Hayes, Vander Laan received his 1st dan black belt in the summer of 2006 at 51 years of age.  His interest in martial arts began as a teenager when he reserved 10:00 on Thursday evenings to watch the ‘Kung Fu’ television series.  In the late 1970’s he expressed his interest by training in Okinawan Shorin-Ryu karate for two years.  When the dojo closed Vander Laan did not return to martial arts for another 20 years.

“My wife and I wanted our son to do more than video games that summer,” Vander Laan replied when asked why he started Taekwondo.  “When I saw the Taekwondo class being offered at the Cultural Center I thought Nick would like to try it, especially if his dad signed-up along with him.  We have trained together ever since.  As a parent, I would not trade these shared experiences for anything.”

In February, 2011 he began training in Okinawan weapons.  Kobudo training perfectly complements Taekwondo by emphasizing the importance of stances and balance.  Vander Laan received a 2nd dan rank in Tokushin Ryu kobudo in March, 2014.

Vander Laan received his 4th dan Taekwondo rank in July, 2015.

Assistant Director - Master Reece Hayes

5th Dan Black Belt, Instructed the Plymouth class for many years and also held the position of head instructor of the Van Buren class for 5 years.Assistant Director - Master Brian Masinville

5th Dan Black Belt in TKD,  he started training with Grand Master Roza in 1979 and has been training in TKD ever since with brief absences to train in other styles.  He is the divisional head of One Stepping and has held this position for many years.  He is one of the original Assistant Directors of the association and is very instrumental in the development and training the the associations Self Defense Tactics and Stepping curriculum.   Background:

First Degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate

Sixth Degree Black Belt in TaeKwondo

Sixth Degree Black Belt in Aikido / Ju-Jitsu

Green belt in Krav Maga

Yellow Belt in Brazilian Jujitsu

 "I use TKD for my main style and add what I think is useful from other styles in which I have trained."

- Master Brian Masinville

Assistant Director - Master Instructor Sharon Jones

4th Dan Black Belt,  Ms. Jones developed a program for young children from 4 to 7 years old and ran that class call "Compass" class in Plymouth for many years.   She also was the head instructor of the Plymouth/Canton Class for many years.