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Grand Master

 Grand Master Roza, 8th Dan,  founded the American & Korean Tae Kwon Do Schools more then 30 years ago.  With hard work and dedication to the art, he created a training system that has continued to produce quality martial artists throughout the years and has developed leaders that will continue his legacy for many years to come.  He has semi-retired and turned the association over to Master Ric Curp but is still a guiding force for the training system.  The late Grand Master 8th Dan, Som Muk Ko, who was once GM Roza's adviser to the World Tae Kwon Do Federation, founded the Masters Martial Arts Alliance (MMAA) and appointed GM Roza a Vice President.  Upon GM Ko's death,  GM Roza inherited the MMAA and is now President of the association wold wide, dedicating his knowledge in training and certifying Tae Kwon Do Black Belt ranks.